I. \\ˈtālə(r)\ noun (-s)
Etymology: tail (II) + -er
1. : one that tails: as
a. : shadow 10b

combined all the attributes of a successful tailer — iron legs and arches, the considerable acting ability a man must have to make himself unnoteworthy, and a sixth sense of anticipation — Joel Sayre

b. : one that follows; especially : one that rounds up or drives on the stragglers of a herd
c. : one that removes products from the discharge end of a machine (as a lathe, wrapping machine, or wet machine)
a. : a fish that tails
b. : a device that closes a metal loop around the tail of a fish (as a salmon) and is used in landing it
II. noun (-s)
Etymology: alteration of tailor (I)

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